Our plans

The Parochial Charities have won planning approval to build 21 affordable homes in Great Shelford, adjacent to their existing estate of 32 similarly affordable units on More’s Meadow.

Development is scheduled to start towards the end of 2020 and the homes will be available for occupation by early 2022. The Charity will own the homes in perpetuity and make them available on almshouse terms to Great Shelford people otherwise unable to afford living in the village.


Site plan

Sensitive to the village edge location, the design features three curved terraces with green roofs. These terraces frame the site entrance and provide a gateway to the central landscaped green. The grass roofs – dipping from two storey to single storey and curving to enclose the new green – are designed to reflect the surrounding chalkland landscape.

East wing elevations

Designed for sustainability, the homes will achieve high standards of energy efficiency and keep residents’ running costs low. Air source heat pumps will be used to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and mechanically ventilated heat recovery will capture heat whilst providing good ventilation.

Our planning approval includes the provision of new allotments, orchards, parkland, a community garden, the planting of native trees and hedgerows, and enhanced public access to the surrounding green belt.


Further details can be found on our planning application; see the SCDC website, reference S/4279/19/FL.