Wildlife survey now underway

Thursday April 9, 2020

Visitors to More’s Meadow will have noticed low-level fencing stretching for several hundred yards around the allotments and adjacent fields.

Temporary fencing facilitates our grass snake and lizard count

Some may have even noticed black rubber mats scattered across the meadow. What on earth is going on, you may ask?

The Parochial Charities have engaged Practical Ecology Ltd to undertake a survey of the wildlife on their land. Having already established the presence of common lizard and grass snake, the ecologists are now estimating the size of both populations and planning how best to mitigate the impact of any future development. In particular, they will be relocating any reptiles found on the allotments to a safe refuge on the northern edge the Charities’ land, well away from the proposed development of 21 new almshouses.

Further work on the Meadow includes the installation of a new barn owl box. It is far too early to report any owls taking up residence but we will be keeping a watchful eye.

Our new barn owl box awaits tenants

Update: 14 April 2020

Less than one week into the survey and our ecologists have already counted 25 common lizard on More’s Meadow.