Established in 1890 and registered with The Charities Commission, The Parochial Charities exist to provide accommodation for “persons resident in the area of the Parish of Great Shelford . . . at low rents according to their means.”

We have a stock of 32 homes available for rent at More’s Meadow in the village. Purpose built to our design, this development of one, two and three bedroomed properties was opened in 1996 by Betty Boothroyd, Speaker of the House of Commons from 1992 to 2000.

We also own some 10 acres of open land on the edge of village, adjacent to More’s Meadow. One third of this is given over to allotments which are rented out to local people. The remainder comprises two fields, mostly of scrubland with footpaths and benches for public use.

We plan to develop further affordable housing on some of this land, while retaining and improving ample green spaces for allotments, recreation and conservation.

The Charities also provide grants and make donations in support of local organisations and good causes.

The Parochial Charities was established in that year by the merging three pre-existing charities, namely:

  • Town Lands and Town Houses
  • John More’s Charity, founded 1705
  • Lettice Martin’s Charity, founded 1562

Charity Commission document from 1890 

The Charities are run by a group of eight Trustees, plus the Clerk. We are all local residents.

Dr Sarah Rann Chair of Trustees and ex-NHS GP
Brian Connellan Deputy Chair
Mary Lester Clerk to the Trustees
Michael Pooles QC Trustee and Barrister
Yvonne Robinson Trustee
Keith Sugden Trustee and main point of contact for the allotments and open land
Rev Simon Talbott Trustee and Priest in charge of St Mary the Virgin, Great Shelford & St Andrew, Stapleford
Simon White Trustee and Chartered Accountant